Hang Drum: Reinventing Music

Had it been before 2000, not even a single person would have heard this world which is taking over the internet these days. The increasing love for hang drum in the musical world is not hidden anymore. This quite new instrument in the world of music has made its way into the hearts of music lovers due to its unique and one of its kind output of sound. Get More Info about the hang drum online if you wish to get a broader perspective of the same. You even might have seen several videos online of the ‘hang’ being played going viral on the internet and gaining huge viewership and popularity.

A brief History:

Hand drum or a ‘hang’ is one of the latest additions to the world of musical instruments. Originally created by Felix Rohner and Sabina Scharer in Bern, Switzerland, it is believed that till day only these two people know the original requirements of the actual ‘hang’. After years of research and hard work, the hang came out as a result in 2000. The instruments is made from two sheets of sheets which are put together to look out as a UFO. Technically, its concept came from the “steenpan”, but because of the improvised nitrate surface and small openings on the clamped surface result in a much deeper, unique and a melodic voice.

A hang is played typically being placed on the person’s lap. The hang is preferably played with bare hands and fingers which creates a much more softer and lighter sound as compared to mallets. The top surface of the hang has a centre tone and seven to eight tone fields hammered around it, The bottom surface of the hang is quite plain with a single not in its centre. However, if you have et not witnessed the melodious sound of the hang, get yourself out on the internet right now and treat yourself with a melodious surprise!

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