Bring about black hair growth

Our mothers have told us the tales behind how they used to be tortured every morning with the longest sessions of hair treatments which involved oiling, combing/brushing, braiding and ribboning. And this led to them having luscious, beautiful, black hair, which we all envy.

But don’t you worry, even the girls and guys of today can be proud owners of black hair with just one single tip: oiling! You don’t have to do anything other than oiling your hair once in a while. Take care of your hair so that it can take care of your looks.

Before i go ahead to tell you how you should oil your hair, you should know whether it really works or not. Millions of women have tried and tested this simple method and they all have reported the same thing: that it works! Our mothers are not the only proofs of the magic of hair oils, but research also has given proof that some hair oils do work wonders when it comes to black hair growth and quality.

Which oils should you use?

I would personally recommend almond, coconut and castor oil, but you are free to make your own choices by the recommendations of experts. Regular use of hair oil, followed by a brief message relaxes the scalp, allows the necessary minerals and proteins to seep in and let the skin be rejuvenated.

Even if you don’t have the time to do a regular massage and oiling session, you can also do it over the weekends or a few times during the week before shampooing. But remember to always leave the oil in for a few hours before washing it off. It is necessary for the oil to do its work. Some women seem to agree that leaving the oil in overnight and washing it the morning after, has worked wonders for them.

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