What Is The Best WordPress Theme From Elegant Themes

In this article we are going to list out some of the basic features which you will get in any elegant theme. The main aim is to give you the idea about this framework features.

Every wordpress theme will have all the basic features like author box, alternate blog layouts, and unlimited color schemes. But some of the themes will have additional feature which other themes doesn’t have, whilst you need to install more plugins if you ever need those styles at your blog. What if we told you that you can get all those features in a single theme from elegant themes?

This is a new theme from elegant themes called Boutique. As it names, this themes was made for online shop or e-commerce or people that have various product to sale, or for boutique owner and this is the best wordpress themes 2017.

Basic Features:

Unlimited Color Schemes

This theme comes with several background textures giving you an unlimited number of possibilities to change any color you want. You can also change font color as well.

User and Author Ratings

Boutique allows both authors and consumers to rate each product in your collection, giving your visitors a great way to interact with your website and each other.

Dozens of Fonts

After installing the theme you will be able to change the theme fonts as you like. You can also install any custom font by importing it to the theme dashboard.

Alternate Blog Layout

As we all know, depending upon the blog niche we need to change the blog layout like shopping site will have different layout and business site will have different style or layout.

Simple Paypal Shopping cart

Boutique has been built to insure compatibility with the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin. Click here to visit Simple PayPal Shopping Cart.


Boutique has been built to insure compatibility with the eShop plugin. Click here to visit eShop.

Apart from the above listed features you will some more add-ons and designs. What do you think about this theme? Enjoy your Boutique Theme

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