What Is Elo Boost?

Elo boosting ,also known as MMR Boosting (March Making Rating) is a move where one player (called the booster) goes and logs into the account of another player,called the Booster, so as to play a game which is ranked. While this is generally within the rules of the game that what this player wanted to do is improve the Elo boost of the Bostee,every ranked game which is played by a player  other than the original owner of this account  is regarded as Boosting and this means this player stands to be punished.

What Makes Elo Boost be Considered Wrong in this game?

It sounds as if this game is all correct but Elo Boost  can cause a lot of negative effects to both  players and the game.

Elo boost league is carefully turned in a away that players with equal skill set and level are placed in the similar level or tier and which best suits them. If one player’s is elo boosted in a way which is not correct, it is most likely they will not be able to keep up with the pace of this level thus spoiling the game. When a player is not able to keep up with the other players in his tier,they will certainly spoil the beauty of the game.

In the League of Legends,for one to earn a higher ranking they must give more than hard work,they have to toil and sweat to earn this ranking. MMR Boosting is thought to reduce competition and pride associated with players sweat in order to earn a rightful place in the world’s League of Legends.

Elo boosting endangers the security of an account. Players are not supposed to share their account details with any other player. It is worth noting that many are those players who shared their account details in hope of getting boosted only to discover later that their account has been used in a wrong way. Finding their account had stolen or traded or sold to a different player.

Is  Elo Boosting allowed? If not allowed,is it Punishable?

  • Elo boosting is not encouraged and as a result is punishable according to the stipulated rules of the game.
  • In case an account is found engaging in Elo Boosting, (both players, boostee and booster) will be punished as follows:
  • Account suspension or the account gets locked for periods of up to two week in the  League of Legends
  • Removal of any Ranked Rewards the player earned from prior season.
  • Stopped or suspended from receiveing Ranked Rewards in current season
  • Those caught for a second time wiki get permanent ban from Rewards