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If you have already played any game at unblocked games site,you must be very concerned about the story and gameplay. Well, people this is going to be big and this going to hit you hard coz, BEHOLD here is our superhero Soap MacTavish and John Price who will be returning to the cast list. According to IGN, Makarov will again be our commander and narrator. The Plot will consist of 15 missions and takes place in New York where Russia invades US, will continue down London, Paris, Berlin and finally get ended with an encounter in Dubai. This is the new game added in the unblocked games site.

According to new visitors, they have a good opinion about this site as all the new games are added to the game play list. Since new games are very hard to find in online site, now gamers can play them without having any dedicated computer specifications. All they need is a reliable internet connection.

The gameplay will be a lot heart-rocking this time as Activision plans to put you on the baldest of streets, underwater missions, hardcore explosions, helicopter sequences and merciless gunning in the AC-130 gunship. According to Kotaku, there will also be many character roles to play ranging from a Russian agent, SAS operative, Delta Force commando and an AC-130 gunner.

Activision Blizzard has already launched a Facebook page and a YouTube channel exclusively for Modern Warfare 3 special content and teaser trailers. The total views on YouTube has already crossed 4.5 million. If you are not one of those viewers then what you are waiting for, watch the exclusive video sneak-peek below to know what’s going to be coming in this new installment.

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