From Rags to Richest Hollywood Celebrity

We have been inspired by the fame and fortune of numerous Hollywood celebrities. But what’s more inspiring is their story of rags to riches, knowing that they were once people like us who just happen to dream big in order to achieve it earns higher respect from the crowd. And just which famous celebrity has gone through and overcame the challenges. Well according to a news and list websites like, that would be the famous actor Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is known as a Hollywood A-lister, swarmed by fans anywhere he goes and has popularity as high as his pay check. It can be difficult to imagine that his life was far from luxurious in the beginning. Cruise’s parents made a good living, his father an electrical engineer and his mother was a teacher; both professions had good pay. Unfortunately his mother left them when he was 11 while his father passed away shortly after. Taking a risk, he borrowed $800 from his stepfather and moved to New York City where he started at the bottom of the showbiz ranking.

Cruise’s major break came from his role in the movie Risky Business which showed in the cinemas back in 1983; the film earned 63 million dollars and his paycheck swelled up to $75,000. From then on, his fame continued to rise thus making him one of the most successful actors on Hollywood. Of course he has starred in numerous successful films since then like “Top Gun”, “The Rain Man” and his most financially successful film franchise ‘Mission: Impossible.” Cruise helped produce the first installment in the film franchise which earned him about 70 million dollars; not only that but he managed to negotiate a percentage of the box office receipts. The Mission: Impossible franchise earned him over 2.7 billion dollars.