Mike Tyson Net Worth

Mike Tyson is well-known former American heavyweight fighter. The famous heavyweight fighter was celebrated for the manner in which he knocked out his competitors in the ring. In fact, he is a celebrity of his own kind. The boxer has won a heavyweight competition on an international level.

Mike Tyson while at the pinnacle of his boxing career earned around 300 million dollars. However, due to his horrific lifestyle, much of this wealth was squandered. Currently, the celebrity net worth is mere $1 Million. This is unbelievable compared to what the boxer used to generate from fights he had won.

Mike Tyson’s life

Mike Tyson was born in the year 1966. The famous boxer was raised in dangerous zones and as a result, he was always involved in numerous offenses. While only thirteen years old Mike was referred to as a criminal. The young talented boxer was saved from the harsh life when he joined Tryon School. While at Tryon Tyson’s it was found out that Mike had a boxing gift.


Once his boxing talent was identified, he began training. He began boxing training under Bobby Stewart. The later was a former fighter and a counsel at a detention center called Juvenile. Once Bobby met with mike he straight away recognized his boxing skills. Cus dAmato loved his skills and became his chief boxing trainer.

Mike and Cus dAmato became close friends and the young boxer’s mother died his trainer adopted him and became his legal guardian. He took responsibility to raise the boxer from the age of 16 years.

Well, much has been said and documented about Mike Tyson. Interestingly, Mike Tyson for much of his life has found himself in controversy. For instance, he was accused of raping and during a fight with Evander Holyfield; Mike Tyson bit his ear off.

Bottom Line

Mike Tyson has earned a lot of money from his boxing career but wasted much if it through his awful living. Currently, the celebrity net worth is $1Million.