How Do We Choose An Open Source CMS?

Now, coming to business let me list down some important points that can help you decide the perfect open source CMS for your website:

Functionality To The Core

Toronto web design company suggests that many of the counterparts and people around me think of CMS as a tool that can assist them in creating, editing, deleting and to some extent organizing web pages as per will. Considering all Content management systems can do this, the core functionality aspect is purely taken for granted by them! Well, it’s high time you wake up because such sheer functionality, that too in an instinctual manner is not guaranteed. If you don’t believe me then you are free to browse for blogs that categorize posts based on dates and categories automatically, instead of allowing the owner to manage his posts himself. To some this type of functionality can be simple and effective but to some avid bloggers such functionality is another reason to get frustrated.

The ‘Editor’ Within

‘Editor’ is like a window through which a content on the website is amended or edited however, I feel that Editors are also one of the most ill-conceived features within a content management system. Majority of the open source CMS we have today have a WYSIWYG editor, which allows to format content using basic features like font, color etc. However, with time people have moved on to better practices that has assisted in saving both the quality of the website design and content.

There were two major issues with WYSIWYG editor and the first one was about offering too much power or liberty to the content provider to alter the design as per his will. Repeated changes to the appearance of the web page resulted in undermining of the web page design and brand consistency.

However, modern editors allow users to decide on marking-up elements like headings, links, lists etc. without deciding on how should they appear on their web page. Go for a similar editor or any other CMS solution that does not offer the user the liberty to decide the appearance of the web page.