Star Citizen And Great Crowdfunding Campaign

As per the information available from the creator of the game, the process and mode of crowdfunding campaign have provided new fortune heights to the developer and they are planning to use the method for other games. The Crowdfunding Campaign gets its momentum with star citizen referral code randomizer, Chris Roberts said they got a response from the gamers he never expected and launched the Campaign just for fun.

The game and Controversy

Being one of the best game available for PC, there are many controversies added to it and the developer of the game are always flooded with the risk of losing the license in that regard. The top rated controversy part and attached with Star Citizen is its full updated version not being launched till date and the game developer uses referral codes to get it famous. The ideology has surely raised the eyebrows of other games developers and they lodged a complaint against Chris Roberts. Imagine developing a worth of $10 million investing and getting in return mind blowing response and a sum of $140 as crowdfunding campaign and other famous characters introductions on part with the game. In 2016, the game developer needed to pay a backer amount of $2,500 for some parts and version of games not available in full range.

Controversy and Fame

Controversies like this have always helped the game to rise as more and more favorite to its fans as the game launches Videos especially for the gamers around the world. The videos contain new information about the game and also information related to new possible launch that can be better get with the referral policy developed as a smart idea by Roberts. You can read Roberts view on crowdfunding full at the New York Times article.