How To Counsel A Tramadol Addict

Do you have a friend who is hooked on pills and you wish you could do something about it? Sometimes addiction isn’t completely the fault of the abuser. There may be perfectly understandable excuses such as an extreme pain that comes and goes, or an excruciatingly painful menstrual cramp of which an urgent pain killer is the last resort.

I have a friend who was involved in a ghastly car accident in which he survived with lots of broken bones and shifted joints. It’s been years since the accident but once in a while the pain returns, when it does, its extreme and simply unbearable especially during cold seasons. Pains linked with bones and joints can be quite painful so I had to understand his reason for self medication. Subsequently this led to an addiction; he couldn’t do without his pain relievers. How did I go about the situation?

It was a gradual process but very effective. The best form of counseling is to first show understanding of the abuser’s situation, show empathy and make them understand you are very interested in their well being and ready to walk them through any form of alternative. Secondly you must speak to them on the effects and consequences of their actions. Let them know the adverse effects and what they stand to achieve by talking to a professional about their condition in order to get recommendations that would be permanent. Women are defaulters just as well as men when it comes to tramadol abuse. Once people realize the potency of tramadol they completely rely on it for their pain management and this leads to an inevitable addiction and subsequent abuse.

The best way to get help for a tramadol addict is to find them professional help as addicts are less and less in control of their drug use and  may not be able to let go with just a  regular pep talk.