A Legit Doctor’s Note Website

There are tons of reasons why we would scour the internet in search for a doctor’s note website. Some of us actually need it for work or school when we caught the flu and needed to take the day off but did not see it as urgent enough to book an appointment with a doctor while others just need a document to justify their absence. A doctor’s note website like BestFakeDoctorsNotes.net is exactly what you should look into, but how can you be sure that they’re legit? This post explains everything about the website.


No, they’re authentic hence any claim that they’re a scam are false. The products offered by the website are legit. Sure, they may express a tone tilted to the side of amusement but they’re on the process of improving that appearance. Rest assured, you might not stumble upon better fake doctor’s notes online. An edge they have is that they base every offered doctor’s notes from actual doctor’s notes; they’re the second best option, right behind actual doctor’s notes. Below are specific reasons why they’re not scams:

  • They have a merchant account – having an approved merchant account is no joke in terms of the process. It involves products viewing, credit history as well as personal history; scammers can’t apply for merchant accounts. Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover have given approved merchant accounts.
  • Their records are mostly clean – if they manage to earn a 1% chargeback ration then they’d lose their merchant account and wouldn’t be able to apply again; a 1% chargeback occurs with 1 out of every hundred people report that they offer fake products.
  • Five Years in the Business – some businesses don’t even last for weeks but their website has been providing services for over 5 years. Websites that only scam people won’t be able to do this.