What’s The Connection Of Boruto To Its Previous Series

As everyone knows that Boruto is sequel series of the famous animation Naruto. The main series was aired in 2002 and there are also more series which released on it. The world of shinobi is full of hate and war. Everyone wants to be the best that’s why the tailed beast is the only monster which can provide them unlimited chakra. Akatsuki is the most a group of powerful shinobi like Madara and pain. Naruto killed the main person of it and become famous but later on mother Kaguya come back to earth and start destroying everything. The only option which Naruto can do is sealing her but that requires two kinds of chakra. Sasuke joins them in the last and both of them seal her so that she can’t come back.

This is the story in short as if you are thinking to watch Boruto without watching the main series and this is fine because if you start watching Naruto and Naruto Shippuden then you have to watch 220 episodes of the first series and then 475 of Shippuden. Reading story is the best option which you can do but if you still feel that you want to watch it then search for any reliable source that can provide it in free. Most of the websites charge for watching which require the credit card.

Boruto In Free

If you are living in a country where TV Tokyo channel is broadcasted then you can watch Boruto episodes but there are very few chances that you will be able to watch starting episodes. If you are watching on Japanese channel then you may get trouble of many Japanese words so try to watch it in English dubbed version. Dubbed episodes broadcast later on the broadcast of the Japanese version on Television.