Contacting Scottish Power

Scottish Power Limited is an energy company and it has its headquarters in Glasgow in Scotland. It is also listed on the stock market and the company mainly provides electricity and natural gas to home as well as commercial users. People need to contact the company in order to get a gas or an electricity connection. In addition to this, the people may also need to contact the company in order to get any issue related to power or natural gas resolved. In such a case, it becomes really important to have Scottish power contact number as they can also be used to report a fault and to make the payment of the bills.

Scottish Power has one of the best records in terms of customer service and they are known to resolve the complaints at a really quick place. In addition to this, there are different contact numbers for different segments and hence it is also important to call the right number. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they end up calling the wrong number and hence it takes longer to resolve an issue which takes only a few minutes. Here is the list of the Scottish power contact number.

Gas and Electricity: 0800 027 0072

Boiler and Radiator Cover: 0800 001 5214

In case of Emergency Dial 0800 111 4686

Appointment and Technical Issues: 0800 001 5136

These were the contact numbers for the Scottish power and you can also arrange a call back using the web portal of Scottish power or you may send them an email. Most of the issues are resolved within 24 hours and you don’t have to take the pain of calling the company to give meter readings or to make card payment as this can also be done through the web portal.