What Is referral Code Program In Star Citizen

Star citizen is a popular game which comes in trend due to its combat theme but do you know the game is not released. According to many websites information, the game is releasing in 2017 and there are many more features which will be introduced newly. This game is developed by famous studio Cloud Imperium studios and it is available to download for everyone but your computer must be operating on Linux or Microsoft Windows. To get started with star citizen, create an account and if you use a referral code then you get many benefits like free UEC.

Why You Need To Wait Before Spending UEC

Everyone who start playing this game using referral code get 5000 of UEC which can be used in many ways but wait before spending it. Voyager store is for purchasing weapons and other equipment but everything is not working properly so wait for new update. The new update will be having new statics and better weapons. This is an MMO game (Massively Multiplayer Online) game so there are lots of other users like you who are ready to battle so play wisely to never regret of spending UEC on wrong things.

Working Method Of Referral Codes

The referral codes work very simply and if you want one then try visiting http://starcitizenreferralcode.net/ to get one. The referral code is helpful in playing free fly events which are for every two months. This way you can try it before buying and learn a lot about it. There is the problem with the game that sometimes the referral codes doesn’t work that’s why most of the people complaining about it. If you refer someone your code and he/she play the game then you get points.  One point can help you in getting t-shirt star kitten for your character.