What Are The Best Car Seats Of 2017?

We know that buying a car seat for your child can be a daunting task, especially if it is your first baby and you are buying the seat for the first time. Of course, you can take help from family or friends who already went through the experience of buying a car seat but that’s not going to be enough. You must do some research on your own too. To make things easy for you, we have shared a list of the best car seats 2017:

Graco Nautilus Elite car seat

It is a forward facing seat meant for 9 months to 12 years old baby. It is included in the category of multistage car seats. It comes with features such as side impact protection, two position recline and five position headrest. Installing it in the car is simple. It also comes with storage pockets and a cup holder. The price is £159.99.

Cosatto Hug ISOFIX

It is also a forward facing car seat. It has a special 5 point plus anti escape system. There is a protective waistcoat which goes around the back of the child and over the shoulders. It does not leave any gap for your child to wiggle out of the straps of the harness. It is meant for kids from 9 months to 12 year old. It costs £305.

Multimac car seat

This is one of the award-winning car seats for children. It has 4 rear facing seats which can be turned into forward facing too. It can easily fit 3 to 4 children in the back seat of your car. The seat is easy to install and even remove. As it can adjust multiple children, it costs £1500.

Have a detailed look at the features of each car seat you see and then make an informed decision in the end.