The Perfect Speakers for Music Sessions in Your Car

Choosing the best car audio speakers can be a bit tricky; either you stumble upon the most amazing set in the market for your car or you’ll simply hate everything about it and regret your purchase. Vehicles have varying interior designs and accompanying acoustic challenges; asset of speakers can sound incredible one car and entirely disastrous when placed in another. Out of all the speakers available in the market, the one with the highest chances of providing exceptional performance is the Pioneer A-Series.

Pioneer A-Series

Every speaker under the Pioneer A-Series contains multiple layers of something called the mica matrix woofer; this material was especially designed to enhance low and midrange responses. In terms of loudness, the Pioneer TS-A6996R is the loudest among all the speakers under the series. Let’s say that a regular car speaker required 100 watts in order to produce a certain volume, theTS-A6996R actually requires a meager 50 watts to produce the exact volume.

As for the design of the speaker, the entire Pioneer A-Series is quite diverse to choose from. In case you’re searching for a sound that’s a lot more customized, you can grab a few component speakers that contain a quality woofer cone aside from the tweeters. The reason for this is that it enables the owner to quickly install tweeters in strategic locations; choose the best locations in order to optimize the sound for your car. The only real downside to this plan is that they will likely need customized installations since it’s almost impossible that the car was built with tweeter mounts; take note that component speakers also have trickier wiring processes. Speakers from the Pioneer A-Series usually come with a full 1 year warranty besides that return policy; remember that the return policy is only valid for 30 days.