How To Establish A Strategy On Social Networks

Social networks are major relays of influence to boost the visibility of your company. They represent a gateway to interactivity, conversation, the creation of your community and the mediatization of your messages. However, social media is also a sounding board that amplifies reactions from public opinion. It is therefore necessary to manage its e-reputation in order to take advantage of the advantages of these channels.

How to interact on social media with your community? How to manage the reputation of your brand on the social web? All these issues are at the heart of the development of your social media marketing software by your experts. They accompany you to optimize your presence on social media.


  • Strengthen your customer relationship and your reputation
  • Reach your targets on the right social networks
  • Build brand awareness on audience hubs

Benchmark Competitive Social Networks

The competitive benchmarking of social networks is a condition sine qua non to the knowledge of your competitive environment. Experts observe and study accurately the marketing practices of your web competitors in the short term. This work step helps them identify and determine good social media optimization (SMO) practices for your site.

Strategic Social Media Watch

Social networking experts study the social information relays your competitors communicate with in order to identify the most appropriate social media for your business and your visibility goals. This procedure cannot be automated: it is more complex than a traditional watch since identifiers protect the data. It is therefore essentially manual collection, reading, analysis and human controls.

Audit Social Networks

Determine your brand’s presence on social media at a given moment T lets you scan the range of possibilities to capture your target to better meet your social marketing goals. The audit identifies the most appropriate social relays to reach qualified prospects. Mediaveille puts in place a relevant social media action plan and selects high value-added content to create a social space dedicated to your web community.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

This involves defining your marketing goals and initiating a Social Media Optimization (SMO) procedure. Taking a place in the social media sphere requires rigor and reflection to reap the benefits that come with it while being alert to this ever-changing environment. Rich in its experience in this field, Mediaveille studies and defines a specific strategy for your site to protect you from the dangers of social networks and meet your specific expectations.