How To Reduce Ankle Injuries

Getting injured at the ankles is one of the most painful things that one can ever go through. More than just leaving you in severe pain, it can also cause you to be on crutches and do much less that what you used to do. There are a lot of ways, however, in order for you to reduce the risk of these ankle injuries. One of the most popular ways for you to do so is to get the best basketball shoes for ankle support, and a lot of brands have their own line of shoes that are soft and will protect you when you land. If you want to reduce the risk for ankle injuries, below are some ways.

Getting Stable Shoes

While some people find this matter debatable, but a lot of shoes are designed in such a way that it’s more stable than others, in a sense that it helps to lock the ankle more firmly, and will also help to make sure that your feet don’t absorb all the energy from the high jumps. The foot will invert less once you wear high-top shoes, according to some studies. This inversion of the foot is what causes ankle sprains.

Get Better Ankle Strength

The shoes may be of great help, but it greatly matters that your ankle is of prime strength when you are there playing on the court. While it matters that your ankles are supported by your shoes, it also matters that the muscles which would help to evert the foot are activated whenever you fall or land from a high jump. As certain physicians say, while getting support for nearby areas like your ankle and knee greatly helps, it would be of utmost importance to keep your ankles at their strongest as well through ample training and the right exercises.