3 Important Tips To Play Marvel Contest Of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions is undoubtedly one of the most popular multiplayer mobile games today. Are you too planning to test your hands in this amazing game? Well, that’s great and here are the three important tips every beginner player here should keep in mind.

Don’t be too aggressive with attacks

One of the worst mistakes observed here is mindless hurl of attacks from the new players. Yes, you will have to attack but don’t overdo it. If you push your Champions in every fight under the sun, they may not retain the needed powerful strength to fight the major battles. Don’t forget your characters need considerable time for recovery, especially when the wound is more serious. Thus, don’t get into every fight you come across. Rather try out dodging and blocking techniques to save yourself from the attacks. You should save energy of your Champions for major fights later.

Replay previous quests to strengthen team

You may encounter situations where your Champions seem to be too weak to handle harder fights. In such situations, you can only try to increase their strength. To do that, it’s advised to replay the quests you have successfully completed earlier. This will infuse your team with renewed power & energy needed to tackle upcoming fights.

Enhance stock of units

Units make the most significant currency of this game. You specially need them to buy Premium Hero Crystals. For that, you should try to enhance the stock of your units as much as possible. But units are costly and hence you should rely on free marvel contest of champions hack to get free units.

One of the best ways to get free units is through free unit generators online. These generators allow you to generate unlimited number of units completely free of cost.