Why Get Gems, Gold, And Elixir On Clash Of Clans?

One of the most popular games in recent decades, without a doubt is Clash of Clans. This is a game that is popular among phone owners, specifically those who are Android and iOS users. The game has been so popular, that as a matter of fact, there have been pages on social media that is dedicated to helping people join clans and establish them, with hopes of more power. One of the most popularly sought-after things related to the game are coc free gem hack. Why exactly is this so? How important are gems, as well as gold and elixir? What role do they play in the game? Let’s find out below.


This is used primarily in the upgrading of buildings in your clan’s village, which would eventually allow you to progress to a much higher level for your town hall. In normal circumstances, this is auto-generated through the in-game gold mines, which allows you to attack the base of the players and thus, loot even more gold. Hacking this tool will leave you less worried about other clans breaking into that of yours.


This is another Clash of Clans resource that is highly-valued, and have a lot of functions. This can be used in generating both elixir and gold, and are used to finish buildings and upgrade facilities for troops. In normal circumstances, it can take several days to get new gems, which is why a hack may be necessary to help further hasten this process, and for you to progress in the game faster.


This is another resource which is of great value as well, as this will enable you to level-up with your troops. If you want to win clan wars, and loot attacks, this is one for you. It is also auto-generated, and can also be stolen from the bases of other clans.