Be a successful promoter and booking Dj inclusively

In a big music festival event people gather from all over the countries to witness high quality international Djs play and dance the night away. Where you see boozes at every corner, people with their fashionable outfits and even celebrities are into it just like the Coachella event. Such events tend to unify everyone by a single beat of music and no one to judge you, by this you can express your individuality and that’s the thing why people keep on coming back. Aside from the Djs who are doing a great job I would also give the appreciation to the event promoters, this kind of inclusivity needs a lot of marketing strategy to make the event successful. It’s all about the connections that you have to make such event a night to remember; from my research I’ve found big time promoters who have been active with this career industry for solid 10 years. Richie Panic and Corey Sizemore are event promoters from Los Angeles and San Francisco they started from year 2006 until today and this is their advice to be a successful event promoter; “You have to be a fan of the music and the artists that you bring”.

Another successful event promoter that I’ve searched is Radha Agrawal, she’s quite interesting because she’s more of a morning rave instead of the cliché night time activity. She has been running this career from year 2003 until present and this what she have said, “[when] promoting events: Find epic humans to share about it! Hustle”. If you are willing to give your full perseverance and no time to waste attitude to this exciting career industry I’m sure you will be able to even book some top 100 Djs in Europe and as what I’ve learned from this event promoters is being able to know your worth and your passion on what you’re doing, once you have find yourself then everything that you will do is just a piece of cake.