Guide To Eliminate Sink And Vanity From Your Bathroom

If you want to DIY your bathroom with new designs, you should have to replace older vanity and sink.  It gives a wonderful appearance to your bathroom and property. Removing sink and vanity is not a simple task these days. You must have some essential tools to remove vanity such as an adjustable wrench, knife, claw hammer, reciprocating saw, bucket, power screwdriver, and channel type pliers.  You might buy a new model of vanity from online.  In the modern bathroom vanities for sale, you acquire a range of items at cheaper cost.

Tips to remove vanity and sink on the bathroom:

Vanities come with synthetic or granite stone at a cost-effective price. Dozens of models are available online that allows people to design their bathroom on classic and contemporary style. If your vanity is damaged, then you might install new equipment. Removing vanity allows you to remodel a bathroom with modern style. To remove bathroom vanity, you just consider below steps

  • Preparing to remove your vanity
  • Disconnect your plumbing
  • Take down mirror on bathroom carefully
  • Take down wall tile and backsplash
  • Tear out sink and hardware on the bathroom
  • Remove vanity from top
  • Disconnect vanity from the wall

This step by step guidance allows you to dispatch your sink and vanity easily.  It helps you to eliminate vanity at a short time with no hassle.  It allows you to disconnect all important things on bathroom carefully. If you successful removed the vanity, then you might able to install new sink on the bathroom. You must consider style and size when buying a sink and vanity. Also, you can fix gorgeous and trending models of sink on your bathroom. So, utilize these steps and detach vanity by using essential materials.