Here’s Why You Don’t Need That Beach Umbrella Holder

People normally use holders for their beach umbrella so that it doesn’t suddenly turn into a deadly weapon. All it takes is a particularly strong gust of wind and your umbrella is out there flying high into the air, which can hit an unfortunate person which will also get you in trouble as well.

This is especially dangerous if your umbrella has a pointy end because it can easily injure a person hit with it. When it is carried away by strong wind, then it might even result in fatalities. People often solve that problem by using beach umbrella holders. However, you can solve that problem without one.

Here is the list of the best beach umbrella hacks that will render beach umbrella holders obsolete:

  1. Select the best beach umbrella spot

An ideal area for setting up a beach umbrella is beside a sand dune or a building that can function as a windbreaker, which will make your umbrella very secure against the wind.

  1. Readjust the umbrella depending on the wind direction

When the wind blows in the direction that can lift your umbrella up, make sure to readjust its position. Aside from readjusting the umbrella, check and tighten its anchors too regularly. Its anchors can become lost, so checking it frequently is a must if you don’t want to spend money on a beach umbrella holder.

  1. Select the best beach umbrella

Contrary to the logic of some people, big umbrellas such as patio umbrellas are very easy to be carried away by the wind. In fact, they are even easier to get blown away, because they have a lot of surface area which will be gusted when a strong wind blows.

The best beach umbrella today is one with a medium weight, and have a curvy canopy for wind protection.