Permanent Residency: How To Get A Green Card Sponsorship

Getting a green card sponsorship for Canada, one needs to meet specific requirements. One primary condition or need is to get a sponsor or someone to petition your stay. Migrating to a particular country such as Canada is a great opportunity and privilege. A green card acts as an authorization to live and work permanently in the country. The best way is, one should consider seeking the help of an immigration lawyer Toronto.


Families Living In Canada

If one has a family member, who is a citizen and lives in Canada, he or she can become the sponsor of your petition. You still have to meet some requirements for the approval of your request. One must first be a temporary resident in Canada, during this time one can familiarize. Familiarizing the country and their culture is a great way to learn their techniques.


People who want to work in Canada can eventually apply for a green card. One must work for a particular time without any casualties or wrong actions. For starters, you will only be given a working permit. But as soon as you have been in the country over the required time, only then can you apply for a green card. And to fully authorize your stay in the country. 


Another way of acquiring a green card is through marriage. If one legally marries a Canadian citizen, he or she is eligible for a green card. Eventually, you can apply for Canadian citizenship as well. Marriage is one of the most common and most natural ways to be qualified for a green card.


Gaining permanent residency in Canada is an opportunity and privilege for many people. Canada is one of the best countries to work and live on. The country is great in many ways, in its government and service to its people. Having a green card sponsorship is the first step to gain permanent residency in Canada.