Advantages And Disadvantages Of Gaming

Playing games usually makes us feel relaxed, comfortable and releases tension from our everyday stress in life. Video games are being played by children and adults. More games are being introduced every year, be it online or in a game console. An online game, for example, has this MU Origin private server where gamers are connected to. However, there are still pros and cons when it comes to playing video or online games.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of gaming:


  • Keeps you uplifted and happy

It is very fulfilling if you win a game or reach your goal when playing. You will feel accomplished with every level that you go through and if you beat the opponents. They say that playing a game for 30 mins in a day helps you remove stress, this also keeps you healthy.

  • Gives you the ability to make decisions

Playing a game will allow you to exercise your decision-making abilities as you will be the one to formulate a strategy to get through a level.

  • Improves your visual skills

Improving your visual ability is very important for other skills that you do. Video games trains your brain to process visual information.


  • Addiction

Some people can’t help but be hooked in a game that they play that it tends to control them and eventually be addicted to it.

  • Violence

Some video games are too visual with violence and some gamers who are kids just simply cannot control themselves to be violent. They tend to think about what they do in the game and do it in real life.

  • Lack of physical activities

Most of the gamers nowadays are just in one place the whole day while playing their favorite online game. This deprives a person in learning other things and be interested with other hobbies.