Education Sponsorship- Its Myths And Reality

Sponsorship is a kind of financial help that is provided to students who cannot afford their education. Sponsorship program will help a student to get reliable in later years of their life. Hence, a student will get enough financial hold up to continue their education. Many students are looking to get sponsors for their education. Sponsorship helps to give the poor students to participate in their studies and also in extracurricular activities and enhance their interest. Also, you can look Heritage Education Funds Representative Intranet for sponsorship plans. There are some common myths of scholarships that are considered that have a look:- 

  1. It is said that scholarships are only provided to the students that are of backward class or are of undeserved sections.
  2. The students who come in merit get scholarships.
  3. There are many guidelines to get and scholarship and considered as a difficult and time consuming task.

With so many myths, let’s know the reality of scholarships.

  1. Scholarships don’t look for the backward students but are available for students of all caste, creed and gender.
  2. Improvement in technology has made application process much easier.
  3. Your efforts are considered for you to get scholarship.
  4. There are many different plans for scholarships and not only the merit based is considered for getting the scholarship.

Government and many other public and private sector organizations help to meet financial needs of poor people who cannot afford to pay for their education.


If you have enough money to educate a child then you should take initiative to educate and sponsor a child. This can be great step to solve the social issue of poverty and illiteracy. If you are unaware of charity process then you can start it from home and give help to children of your maid or watchman to educate them.