4 Tips To Make Instagram Stories Look Attractive

You can make Instagram stories interesting as well as eye-catching. There are several tools and techniques that will help you in creating effective stories. Also, the stories will help your followers to know you better, by reading your blog and make purchases to your products and if you don’t have followers, then you can takipci satin al instagram crovu. There are some steps that you need to follow in order to make your Instagram stories attractive which are as follows:-

  1. Make a gorgeous background

If you are writing something or promoting the details of a product, then you just need to choose a solid background in order to make your text look attractive. Also, you can create a solid color graphic and type your text.

  1. Try to decorate stories by eraser

If you are posting a picture or a text, then you can use an eraser to give cool effects to your stories. You can also use a pen tool or eraser tool to make your image solid and good looking.

  1. You can use unfold

Unfold tool will help you with provide cool templates as it has dozen of templates just to attach with photos or text.

  1. You can create custom colors and drop shadow effect

Instagram provides you many facilities to enhance your stories like you can create custom colors according to your choice, or you can also create a dark shadow effect as that is not inbuilt. The text or photos of you will get a great look at these effects.


The stories with great effects will attract the followers, and if you want them to be attracted, then you can check out the above tips as they will help you to make stories striking.