Weed Killers That You Can Do In Your Yard

Gardening is fun and very pleasing not just to the eyes but for your health. It’s very nice to see those dandelions and many other colorful flowers grow until those weeds come into the picture and annoy you.

It’s a wise decision not to use homemade weed killer recipes to protect your wonderful plants, but you might be wondering if there are alternative ways you can protect your garden from those pesky weeds without using pesticides. Good thing, there are.

  1. Landscape Fabric

One important thing in keeping out those annoying weeds is to start preventing before they even come. Laying down a landscape fabric can stop those weeds early before they even start to sprout.

  1. Boiling Water

This is one of the best and effective weed killers out there especially for those in the driveways and sidewalks. Plain tap water can also do the job. It is perfect for killing young weeds and the effects are very fast. If you want to increase its effectivity, you can try adding a tablespoon of salt into the boiling water.

  1. Mulch

Mulch is always accompanied with fabrics, but experts believe that Mulch is so important that it can also go without fabric. It helps in keeping your garden soil wet, cool, and suspends any light passing through the soil which lessens the possibility of weeds to grow. It is important to keep your Mulch about 2 inches deep and away from your lawn because it might kill your grass.

Fortunately, there are a lot of alternatives that you can use rather than using herbicides and pesticide that can harm your health. Just in case you find those annoying weeds starting to sprout in your garden, remember to check out this guide again and carefully follow the instructions for a healthy and wonderful garden.