Top 3 Gantt Chart Tools

A Gantt chart is a very popular medium for keeping track of all the activities in relation to your project. The chart documents all the work that has been completed and also the work yet to be done. Its graphical presentation helps plan out a project with ease and henceforth assists in keeping a track on its progress. If you too want to use these charts to make the best out of your project, you may use the following Gantt chart making tools.

Top 3 Gantt Chart Tools:

  • Workzone: Workzone is one of the best Gantt chart making software or tools available online. This tool allows to keep a track on all the tasks assigned to different members, expand your dashboard to gauge the progress of your project and get daily reports to keep tabs on your goal completion. It’s powerful and yet simple to use.
  • ProjectLibre: Although a free app, yet it consists of most features that any paid software would. The app functions on Windows, Linux and MAC. To add to its uniqueness, the tool is also available in various languages. The tool has gotten so popular of late that it is being put to use by both small and large companies. However, if you want to gain access to added features you can update to ProjectLibre’s cloud facility.

  • Office Timeline: This free and easy to use software solution ensures professional Gantt charts just in a jiffy -without you even having to download the software. In fact, you can access the tool without even creating an account for yourself. The software provides features that let you import and export data and enable you create charts both inside your PowerPoint and Excel sheets. Its smart interface coupled with bright and colorful highlights and various features, makes the software an absolute favorite among business organizations. To know more about Office Timeline’s various features visit