Outdoor Archery Exercises Rather Healthier Than A Lazy Game

In this modern age of online games like poker online, outdoor games like Archery is all about the aim and practice which will help you to achieve improvement in the same. In all kind of sports, there is certain exercise(s) that can help you master that particular game or in general keep you fit. If you are looking for an archery exercise, well Bow-fit may just do the trick for. Bow-fit is not typically a bow to be exact; rather, it is a designed strap that may help you in the following ways:

  • It prevents you from getting any kind of injuries in the game by making your body and your muscles accustomed to Archery.
  • Keeps your muscles warm and maximizes your strength of the stretching and holding power of your upper limbs.

How to use a Bow-fit?

  • It consists of a single strand of a tube and with a foam hand grip to give you a strong grip and avoid slipping of the Bow-fit while practising.
  • There is also a nylon webbing wrist strap to increase the grip of your other hand too.
  • You can use stretching exercises with the Bow-fit too, which will prove to be quite good as warm-up exercises before starting your shooting practices.
  • You can make the Bow-fit into a loop by placing the free end of the tube through the grommet or the brass hole which is present near the nylon webbing which will create a loop as well as increase the resistance.
  • You can further add to the resistance by shortening the loop and create more draw weight and then grip the excess of the tube to pull it and hold.
  • Be sure not to shorten the loop more than 8inches because this may occur overstress the tube, and it might break.
  • You can also fold the excess of the tube that is left after making the loop to add further resistance too.