5 Exercises To Improve Vertical Jump In Basketball

Basketball is a favorite physical game for many. Just like online games such as dominoqq has its following, similarly basketball too has its share of cult followers. If you are someone who not only likes watching basketball matches, but also aiming to be a basketball player, then you need to focus on improving the vertical jump. The vertical jump in basketball is a very important move that one needs to master in order to ace the game. You can follow the below exercises to give your vertical jump the required boost and power.

  1. Calisthenics

These include basic body exercises and can be done without any equipment. This makes calisthenics flexible enough to be practiced anywhere and at any time of the day. Some fantastic calisthenics to improve the vertical jump includes push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks and others. These aim to strengthen your muscles.

  1. Squats

Squatting is considered an important exercise to improve vertical jump. Back squatting or body weight squats can improve muscle strength in the legs and core, which in turn improves landing. Deep squats are also beneficial and can be done without using any equipment. Remember to deep squat in a way that your back is erect and your thighs go below your knee.

  1. Jump Squats

In doing jump squats, you need to jump from the squatting position and return back to the squatting position when you land. Jump squats not only improve strength in your lower body and core, but also enhance your impulse and explosiveness.

  1. Box Jumps

For a box jump, you need a box that can hold your weight. Then jump on to the box and return to a crouching position on the ground.

  1. Weight training

Trap bar deadlifts and weighted squats are good exercises to help you strengthen your leg muscles, thus improving your vertical jumps.