Knowing The Effects Of Climate And Weather While Using Contact Lenses

The contact lenses are one of the most useful tools for the eyes of every individual. It is an ocular prosthetic device that you can place directly on the surface of the eye. It helps hundreds of thousands of individuals to see more clearly without using prescription glasses. Although glasses have more benefits than contact lenses, most people prefer to use contacts.

The contact lens, or contacts, can be worn for correcting vision, therapeutic uses, and for cosmetic use. There are different colors that you may choose that depends on its applications, from shades of clear, pure black, brown, green, or white contacts.

But what if you live in places where there are extreme weather or climates? There are urban myths that the contacts will melt or dry in hot and cold weather. Whether it is true or false, we uncover the truths about wearing contact lenses in extreme weather conditions.

Contact Lenses vs. Hot Weather

As said earlier, despite urban myths that if you use contact lenses during hot days, it will melt. The truth is that it won’t. There are no significant effects of using contact lenses during a hot day. But, there are also potential side effects of using contacts on hot days. One of the side effects is the lenses are quick to dry during warm weather. Using eye drops can help maintain the moisture level of the contacts in the eyes.

Also, there are myths that if you stand too close to the fire, the contacts will also melt. False, the contact lenses are costumed to withstand the heat exceeding up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. There are about at least 125 million individuals who are using contact lenses, and there are no cases or problems for such reasons. There is no way that it can’t be noticed by media outlets or medical authorities if there are any incidents regarding those reasons.

Don’t worry, and there are no problems with using contact lens during hot weather. But, if your eyes may experience irritations, that’s the time to consult your eye specialist.

Contact Lenses vs. Cold Weather

If you use contact lenses during cold weather, it will dry. Of course, it’s false. But to ensure safety, there are precautions about using contacts during cold weather. Winter can be a rough season for every individual’s eyes. The strong winds, dry temperatures, and harmful UV rays that can reflect through ice and snow can affect your eyes. But you don’t need to worry about freezing and sticking of contacts in your eyes.

There are studies and research from the military in the early 80s that they use rabbits for the experiment. They fitted contacts to the rabbit that exposed to -90 Fahrenheit with 75mph winds. The study has proven that the lenses did not freeze and stick in the eyes of the rabbit. And with no harmful effects and whatsoever problems observed.

There are No Problems, But Always Ensure Safety

Thus, using contact lenses during those extreme weather has no significant problems in our eyes. But ensuring safety is the most priority. Consult your eye specialist for more information and safety tips on using contact lenses.