A Handy Guide to Begin Your Career in Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a service provided based on restoring, maintaining and improving our body’s physical functions for a better life. Career in physiotherapy can be a good medical career choice. In fact, the demand for physiotherapists has gained prominence in recent times. If you are interested in this career path then here is a handy guide which will help you to begin a career in physiotherapy

  • Qualification

First things first, you need to join courses which will help you qualify as a physiotherapist. You can opt for a three year long course or any accelerated course which will provide you the required qualification. Before you are certified you can even opt for part time jobs and work based learning opportunities. This will help you gain a practical experience as well.

  • Registration

After the training and courses are done with, graduates need to register themselves with the Health and Care Professional Council of the state. Only after the registration, one would be able to enter the work field. For instance, in Canada, practicing physiotherapy is completely regulated under law and order by the government. The CAPR or the Canadian Physiotherapy Regulator follow certain criteria before accrediting the license.  The CAPR will not only evaluate your qualification but also verify if you have any other practicing license in another country. Only after that a CAP will decide whether or not to grant your application of license.

  • Choose your field of work

Once the qualification and registration are done with, one could choose to work from a variety of opportunities. Usually opening a private practice is an ideal option. Apart from that one could become a consultant physiotherapist, or a manager of physiotherapy services. If you want to learn more about this field then you can continue researching on physiotherapy or be a lecturer of the same. With proper experience and skills, one might even get an opportunity to grab the job of a physiotherapist for national sports teams.