Know About The 8 Amazing Water Parks You Can Drive To In A Day From Somerset

In the summer season, you find yourself annoyed and irritated with the stifling and scorching heat. Would it not be great to splash into a cool and shimmering, water park swimming pool and relax for some time, in peace? Somerset is well known for its fun and innovative water parks. When you visit Somerset, do not forget to visit the floating water park and have a quality time with your friends and family!

What are the most well-known water parks in Somerset?

There are a number of innovative water parks all around Somerset, where people come in large numbers almost every single day. The Breane theme water park is well known for the two types of swimming pool it offers. You can enjoy the theme rides at the outer pool or spend time in the inner 6 lane pool. The Center Parks theme park is very highly spoken of for its exciting water rides and slides. You can windsurf, sail or even water ski in the Cotswold water park. Finlake Water Park has amazing splash pools and exciting rides. Oasis leisure resort is water heaven with lagoons and open water canons and as well as hydro slides. You can run on the Giant inflatable balls in the PuxtonPark. Kids love that! You can enjoy the flume rides at the Splashdown water park, both outdoors and indoors. And lastly, the Splash water world is an ideal family destination water park.

Are the parks safe for kids?

All the Somerset waterparks make sure that all the safety measures are taken care for. The rides and pools are made according to the safety of the children.

So, what are you waiting for? Go on and enjoy the best summer vacation in the floating water park and get refreshed!