What are the costs involved in the process of drug rehab?

Drug rehab is a process or treatment opted by people suffering from drug addiction or substance abuse. It involves various activities and therapies that help the person to come out from the vicious addiction of drugs and help them heal emotionally and physically. It is necessary for people who face problems to treat their addiction and come out of it efficiently. Drug rehabilitation therapies are offered by various drug rehab centers opened up all over the world. They make the person go through multiple activities and treatments to vanish his urge to consume drugs. Numerous online sites are there, which offers information and answers for the people fighting addiction and help them to win the battle against drugs.How much drug rehab cost?

Several rehab centers are offering umpteen therapies at different prices. The cost of treatment varies according to the treatment to be provided and the level of care. People who are suffering from intense addiction need more care and stronger treatment, which would cost more than the typical treatment. Some of the principal treatments and their cost are:


This is the process of removing all the residue of earlier consumed drugs and efficiently overcoming form the drug addiction. It usually comes in a 30-day program, and the cost of this program hover around $250 to 800$ for one day in the top rehab centers.

Residential treatment

This treatment involves effective assessments and a full day close supervision on the patient. This process can have an enormous load on your pocked and cost you around $2000 to $20000. As the treatment gets longer, the costs involved in it gets higher. Some centers also offer luxurious facilities for rehab and can cost you around $25000 for a monthly treatment.