Teaching the Bible to Your Preschoolers

Almost every Christian parent wants to instill the Word of God into their children as early as possible. However, I will be the first to admit that my preschoolers do not tremble with excitement at the thought of having the Bible read to them. So… we have to use a little creativity!

When I teach my own preschoolers Bible lessons at home, I find it helpful to always pretend (or at least put myself in the mindset) to be the character that I’m talking about. I have lately been teaching my kids about Esther. As I tell them about prideful Haman walking away from his banquet with the King and Queen, I think and act as if I am boastfully walking into the palace court, eager to go home and brag to my family about my well-deserved honor. I imagine the disgust and contempt that Haman felt toward Mordecai, and I try to relay those feelings to my preschoolers. I do the same thing as I think of how nervous Esther must have been as her small footsteps echoed through the palace halls on her way to the king’s throne room, how heartbroken and distressed Mordecai must have felt when he heard of the pending doom of his people, and so on.

Just this afternoon as I put my kids down for a nap, I used a stuffed monkey to “help” me read the scripture passage about Satan tempting Jesus in the wilderness. The entire passage is only eleven verses long, but there is no way my preschoolers will sit there and listen to me read that much without a picture book. So I let the monkey “interrupt” me throughout the narration with questions and goofy input. I had the monkey misinterpret certain words and phrases that would likely confuse a couple of preschoolers. When I read that Jesus fasted, monkey interrupted with a “Vrooooom, yeah, I bet Jesus was FAST!” I then took the opportunity to “teach” monkey what fasting was. My kids loved it and wanted me to repeat the whole thing when I was finished.

Another fail-proof way to get Bible verses into your preschooler’s heart is through music. There are a number of great sources of “scripture songs,” and many selections can be found at www.singnlearn.com. Another great resource is www.childrens-church-ministry.com (my personal website!). I often even make up my own little tunes for different Bible verses (hey, I’m only trying to impress a 2 and 4 year old!). There is an excellent CD/cassette at www.nogreaterjoy.org called “ABC Bible Songs” which takes common tunes and inserts Bible verse lyrics. Bet you didn’t know that you could make Psalm 118:1 sound like “She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain! (Oh give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good…)

I teach my preschoolers at least one new Bible verse per week (besides the Scripture songs we sing regularly). However, we do a total review of all previous Bible verses learned; and you would be really surprised at the memory retention of a preschooler. It’s a lot better than mine; that’s for sure! I use a cheap graphics program to make coloring sheets with their Bible verses, and we “deck the halls” with the beautiful artwork of preschoolers!

Always remember that one of the most important things you can do to bring your preschoolers to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ is to portray godliness and a genuine love for the Lord in your own life. “More is caught than taught.” I have heard so many backslidden adults blame their “hypocrite” parents for their spiritual rebellion. Now I believe that everyone is accountable for their own decisions and actions; but I sure don’t want to give my children an excuse to blame me because they don’t choose to serve the Lord.

Little children are near to the heart of Jesus; and when I think of Jesus taking a child onto His lap and inviting the “little ones” into His presence, I envision preschoolers. Please, parents, don’t let those precious first years lapse before you instill a knowledge and love for the Lord into your little children. The things of this world are temporal, but we have eternity to look forward to (or not). Don’t make the choice to stand before the Lord with nothing to offer except the memory of earthly riches left behind. You are accountable for some little souls. Start now to do your job because our time with them is not contracted. We don’t know how much longer we have! Children can be saved; and although the Bible does not state a specific “age of accountability,” the time is nigh (or has already arrived) in their lives when your preschoolers will achieve the knowledge of good and evil as Adam and Eve did and become accountable for their sin and its penalty. Be ever teaching them about the Way to Heaven and as many Bible truths that you can cram into their heart. More sticks with them than you might think, so make sure you are giving them quality doctrine and Bible teaching during your time of influence. Use repetition, and give them opportunity to respond to each portion of teaching. Preschoolers have a hunger for learning, especially for learning about God and the Bible; so feed their little souls!

The childcare centre east gwillimbury is the preschool where this practice has been going on right from the very first day of school.

Top Words with Friends Tips from an Experienced Loser

Even as a professional wordsmith, I lose in Words With Friends a lot to some highly strategic friends of mine who I swear are making up words. These strategic Words With Friends Tips are tricks I’ve seen done to me that make me want to reach through my phone. However, two of those friends are lawyers. Instead of reacting violently, I just use them on the next unsuspecting opponents.

Defense Wins Games. My friends have sacrificed high scoring opportunities and instead occupied tiles where I could have made a sizeable comeback. An opponent can come back really quickly if high scoring letters are still out there and there is plenty of tile space to work with. I’ll do all I can to put the most difficult letter combinations those spaces. Another defensive trick that’s been pulled on me is to spell long, low scoring words to occupy space instead of holding out for a high scoring opportunity.

Letter Distribution. While I haven’t seen an official letter distribution chart for Words With Friends, I used to think it was the same distribution as Scrabble. There is only one Z, one Q, one X and so forth. However, there are actually five S’s instead of four and 13 E’s instead of 12. When the score is close and the letter count is in the twenties, knowing what’s left becomes critical game strategy. That’s when you should start assuming that your opponent will get the best available letters left. For example, if there’s an empty triple letter spot next to an O or an A and the X hasn’t been played yet, it’s better to fill it up for cheap points then to take the chance that your opponent will get the X. This game is similar to situs judi online terpercaya in a sense that it exudes challenges and great features.

Dump The Q. I’ve made this mistake many times over. When you get the Q, dump it as soon as possible. It’s rarely worth trying to keep and hope that you can place it on a Triple Word Score block. Most people try to keep the Q in hopes for one of four Us. But by doing that you will always prevent the possibility of scoring a Words With Friends Bingo since you are keeping that Q. That’s also one less better tile you could get for every subsequent turn. Instead, play it quickly on an open “I” for “QI” or “QIS”. Also consider words like “QAT”. And if the rest of your Words With Friends letters aren’t too good and there are plenty of tiles left, exchange it.

Empty The Rack. If you see a board full of open vowels and not many big letters have been played, exchange your rack or start spelling long words to get them, even if it means you’ll score low points or lose a turn. It’s likely that your opponent doesn’t have them. With lots of vowels on the board and empty spaces around them, you can build your points quickly with a well-placed J or X next to an O and so forth. I once had an opponent place the letter X on a Triple Letter Score spot to score 56 points against me with one tile.

Guild Choices for the New MMORPG Player

As a dedicated player of MMORPGs, I feel that I have a pretty decent grasp on the subject of guilds. This is eventually going to be a complete series of anything you ever wanted to know about guilds in MMORPGs, but for now we will discuss what types of guilds are available to players in MMORPGs.

Guilds can pretty much be broken down to 4 different types. This does not mean these are the only ones available, but no matter which way you look at it, at the end of the day you will have come up with the following: RP, PvP, PvE and Social. It is really important that you choose your guild wisely. You can read about guild details in the article. If you need to know more about the guilds and other gaming related stuff then xe88 apk download is one of the best options for you.

1. RP – Role Playing Guilds

These guilds consist of people who predominantly role-play their characters within each game. They enjoy taking on roles of imaginary/fictional characters, submerging themselves within the game’s storyline and determining the path their characters will take. A lot of this is determined and regulated by custom character creations and game design itself. There are usually rules or some type of guide set within each game as what limits are deemed acceptable and/or unacceptable when role-playing your character. It is common for players to speak “in character” as opposed to “OOC – Out Of Character”.

2. PvP – Player vs Player Guilds

These kinds of guilds are mostly made up of players who enjoy fighting/battling other players. Most games have some type of system within the game itself where players can advance their characters via fighting actual human players as opposed to NPC’s (Non Player Characters). A typical PvP guild will focus not only on Battleground battles but many are dedicated to the arena type systems. Obviously the benefit of being in a PvP guild would mean you have more of a better chance to find players to assist you in battles against other players, whether it be for pure fun, ganking/griefing or arena style rated matches.

3. PvE – Player vs Environment

This is probably the most popular type of guild in most MMORPGs. These guilds will mainly be comprised of people who like to focus and progress against the opponents who are computer driven. It is technically the “alternative” to a PvP guild. They will most likely be working together to beat the games actual content. Each game has zones, instances and bosses, which need to be defeated, and this is what a PvE guild’s primary focus is.

4. Social Guilds

These guilds are usually huge. They may consist of hundreds, and sometimes thousands of players under the same name. Within these guilds you will find every type of player. Ones who enjoy Role Playing, ones who like slaying other players and ones who want to defeat bosses (or raid). There is no cookie cutter definition for this type of guild and is almost impossible to define. But at least it gives the player a sense of belonging to some type of organization so they do not get lost or confused in enormous virtual worlds.

Understand this is about as simple as you can make it when trying to describe types of guilds. From here we can actually break this down to each subgenre (or niche) which will be covered in depth in a soon to be released series. We will cover all topics of guilds in MMORPGs and how they relate to each type of guild listed above.

Hopefully, for now, this has helped those new to MMORPGs know what type of guild options are available to them when they choose a game to play. These are enormous worlds, virtual ones, and its as easy to get lost in these as it is in the real world.


Starcraft 2 Online Strategy/Tips for New Players

Lots of new players have taken to Starcraft 2 and it’s a good thing for the online community, but many of the new players are lost and in need of tips and strategies for winning games against players who’ve been playing religiously since the first game in the series and its expansion pack.
With that in mind, these Starcraft 2 tips and strategies are for new players who want go from a proverbial “noob” to a competitive player. There are hardly many multi player settings in the case of Domino113 though.

Check it out and don’t forget to practice and stay humble.

Tip #1: Scout, scout, scout-

You can’t just sit in your base and react when your opponent attacks you if you hope to win most games. Keep a constant eye on what your opponent is doing and whether or not they’re expanding.

Starcraft is all about countering your opponents’ strategy on the fly but if you just stay in one spot you’ll never have the time to do so.

Tip #2: Be flexible-

Don’t be so stubborn that you go into a game expecting to build one type of army or attack at one certain time. Be willing and able to adjust.

And don’t worry so much about building up your tech tree (getting high-level units and upgrades) all the time, many times it’s good to stick with a basic unit composition of a few different lesser units until it’s absolutely necessary to get something more powerful.

Tip #3: Make the most of your units-

When battles occur, the most important thing in Starcraft 2 is to manage your units to maximize their abilities and put them in situations they have the upper hand.

So if you have a unit with a farther attack range for instance, have them fire on the opposing unit then move them away and repeat the process to get in extra hits.

Don’t send your units into situations where the opponent is likely to win from a monetary value standpoint, either, unless you really need to take out a unit or building that could turn the tide. The only time this doesn’t apply is if you have a clear economic advantage with more bases/drones/probes/SCV’s and you want to win a war of attrition.

Tip #4: Be a pain in your opponent’s side

You need to constantly harass your opponent as much as possible to force them out of their comfort zone. Perform drops of troops on their mineral lines, patrol the center of the map to snuff out rogue units and workers, and perform hit and run attacks whenever possible. Don’t just sit in your base waiting to be attacked or to build up a force.

These are just a few of the basic tips for noobs/new players in Starcraft 2 online play to be implemented in your own personal strategy.

Some may seem basic but they’re easy to forget during a new game of Starcraft 2 for inexperienced players, but keep these Starcraft 2 tips in mind next time you get a chance to prove yourself in an online SC 2 game.

Buying Instagram Like and Followers Good or Bad

Instagram new social platform to share a thought, make friends, and even promote your brand with lots of features like photos editing, unlimited thought sharing, and the latest one is storytelling. Here one can improve their product and services and brand name. One will get likes and comments on your post and article and will feel swollen with pride and better if people will like your post.

Why People Buys Likes and Followers?

Today everyone is in the race of getting more like to their post by any means. Nowadays, people start buying like and comment to give their post importance and make headlines. If one wants like he can go for agencies that provide such services. With the help of them, one can buy real and active instagram likes paying them on per 1000 likes. By doing this, one is making a fake presentation of being famous and attracts follower, which is suitable for a short term basis. If you think your article or product you are endorsing is excellent and useful to the people, you don’t have to make the fake presentation by hitting likes.

Not A Good Thought

Instagram is an excellent platform to endorse your product.  One should remember before doing these tricks is that one is playing with the faith of the people by buying likes and followers and credibility of the platform you are choosing to put forward your thought and product. In this way, one is harming himself as people will believe him according to the like and comment, and if they don’t like the thought and product, they will troll you down.  This will affect your product and business, which will lead to a bad phase of your business, and you will lose customers and will not able to stand in the market.

Be fair and tell the people the importance of your product and try to convince people with your thoughts. If you are a good storyteller, you will be liked and will get real likes with a good number of followers.

A Beginner’s Guide To Playing A Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

It wasn’t really so long ago that I, myself, was an Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMO) newbie. I had significant help in my first introduction to true multiplayer gaming from a knowledgable significant other – but not everyone out there has such luck. It is very easy to become intimidated by the thought of an MMO, from the large scale worlds most of these games are centered around to the varieties and kinds of people you will meet during your days of gaming. For more multiplayer online role playing games you should check out Situs Judi Bola Online. You can enjoy these games with your friends and start your online adventure.

First and foremost, you must choose an MMO you wish to play. Now this step is probably the easiest one. Most individuals get into MMOs because of a desire to play with a group of friends, a commercial they see or recommendations on various websites. But if you’re stuck at this step, consider doing the following:

Consider what game titles are out there. Currently, the larger MMOs are World of Warcraft, Everquest, Everquest 2, City of Heroes, City of Villians, Star Wars Galaxies, Final Fantasy XI, Guild Wars and Dark Age of Camelot. There are several other choices out there but these are a few that are better known and have larger player bases.

Try looking at reviews for various MMOs. Gamespy is a good place to start.

Look at screenshots from various games. Often you can find screenshots at the main homepage for a particular MMO game. If not, try looking on Google or Allakhazam.

With most MMOs, you pay per month to play. This price varies from MMO to MMO, the only current mainstream exception being Guild Wars, which is free to play.

You may also opt to take advantage of some other free-to-play MMOs. MPOGL maintains a list of free-to-play MMOs. Most free MMOs so not have the graphical quality of the pay-to-play mainstream ones, with the exception of Guild Wars. If you want to try out the gameplay style unique to MMOs or don’t want to pay a fee every month, free-to-play games are your best bet.

Once you have decided on a game, you must pick what you wish to play. In some MMOs, this entails picking both a race and class, in some merely a gender and class. However your chosen MMO works in this department, it’s important that you take the following into consideration:

Are you planning to play with friends? Some games, such as World of Warcraft, have restrictions on who you can and can’t interact with in-game. If you want to play with your friends then, you must consider whether you have to be in the same race/class/etc. as your friends.

Think about your particular playing style. Do you like to be in front of the attack, charging into enemies? Do you like to act as support, aiding allies in their attacks? Are you better at sneak attacks and being discreet, striking at the perfect moment? Do you like more physical combat or more magical? Thinking about your playing style helps you decide on the character that will best suite you and help you enjoy your gameplay.

Once you have decided on your character and gone through character creation, it’s time to start playing! Typically you’ll start out on easy to complete quests to get you introduced to the game and mechanics of playing.

If you get confused, remember to keep the manual you got with your game handy. You can also want to ask other players in-game for help but don’t be suprised if you recieve less than warm responses.

MMOs are a good way to enjoy leisure time. They also allow you to interact with friends no matter how far or close they may be! Who knows, you may just make some new friends as well.

Let me close out this by giving you a few general do’s and don’ts when beginning to play in an MMO and interacting with other players.

Don’t ask for money/equipment/etc. This is referred to as ‘begging’ in most games and is looked down upon. There’s no better way to ensure that no one will help you than to beg them for some gold/gil/silver/etc.

Do try to be polite. Remember, games are there to be fun. While some individuals may not be polite to you, it’s best to just ignore them and continue on without stooping to their level.

Don’t take anything that is not rightfully yours. This is often referred to as ‘ninja-ing’, ‘ninjaed’ or ‘to be a ninja’ and stands for someone who takes equipment/items left by killed enemies when they are not supposed to. This often happens in groups and is a source of major hositility. If you become known as a ninja, don’t expect to find grouping an easy task.

Do use proper grammar and complete sentences when speaking. While this isn’t a must-do, often you will be taken more seriously and respected more by others if you show maturity through how you type and form sentences.

Above all else, have fun playing and remember that this is only a game.

Instagram Stories Tips That You Can Use For Your Business

In our digital world, it is important for a business to be up to date with the current trends for it to be competitive in the market. One of the best ways to do it is by using social media platforms like Instagram as a venue for your business to reach out to your target market. There are several features of Instagram that could help you grow your market. One of those is the Instagram story. So if you own a small business and interested to use Instagram to grow your brand, you are in the right place. This article will provide you some Instagram stories tips that small businesses can use.

Drive Engagement

In using Instagram stories, you have to keep in mind that the main purpose of such activity is to attract the attention of your market. Hence, you should focus on driving more engagement. Certainly, your market needs reliable and relevant content that would help them in their endeavors. So always include your customers when posting IG stories for your business.

Showcase the culture of Your Brand

Moreover, your Instagram stories must be able to demonstrate the culture of your brand. This means that you have to showcase to your audience who you really are. Thus, when creating IG stories, make sure that the content is related to what you are selling.

Feature Your Customers

Another factor that would engage your customers is to include them in your stories. For example, you can capture your customer’s purchase in your story. In this way, he or she will feel appreciated.

Get Feedback

Lastly, it is important to get feedback from your audience about the overall content both in your page and on your IG stories. You can also integrate momentology to add some fun and life in your stories. This will allow you to gauge the judgment of your followers to your business.

Online Science Games For Children

The National Science Teachers’ Association recognizes as one of its official positions the important role technology plays in children learning science concepts. Online science games provide a means for children to explore science related topics at their own pace in an interactive way. Where are all these beneficial games? The following websites offer online science games for children.

Science News for Kids directs its website toward children between the ages of 9 and 14 years old. The toolbar at the top of the homepage makes the site easy to navigate. Game Zone is the second option in from the left. The ability to run Java applets is required to play the games. If using a Mac, open up a web browser other than Safari for optimal performance. When children are done playing, they can browse articles, do puzzles, try experiments and visit the science fair zone for project ideas. Science games are generally different from situs poker online terpopuler. Science games are not just pure entertainment but children can also learn a lot from it.

Discovery Kids’ games are noted alphabetically at the bottom of the homepage. Not all the available games are science related, but here are several games pertaining to science subjects. Build Your Own Volcano by adjusting gas and viscosity settings. Then, test the volcano’s powerfulness. Build Your Own Coaster because this coaster’s track is incomplete. Drag course options from the sidebar onto the track to create a complete loop. The coaster moves along the finished track while the fear-o-meter goes up and down indicating level of scariness. Chomp Game has five levels. Level 1 is a word search. Chomp each letter that appears in the monkey’s mouth and move on to level 2, a maze. Try getting out of the maze without eating rocks and bricks, but also before the monkey closes the gate. Level 3 solve five addition and subtraction problems before advancing on to level 4. Hand-eye coordination is essential to keep the beans and peas away. Level 5 answer the bridge keeper’s true/false questions. Mummify Tut is quick and basic, but it is necessary to play the next game. Make a Mummy and learn about embalming and organs. There is also reference to hieroglyphics. The interesting graphics make up for the lack of sound. Tut’s Matching Game is played like Memory, make pairs. There are three levels – easy, medium and difficult.

NASA developed the website for students of all ages. Wild Weather Adventure has easy, medium and hard questions to answer. The map helps with geography questions. The goal is to explore Earth via the weather research blimp. Beat the Heat by unscrambling words before the temperature on the thermometer rises too high. The vocabulary words are grouped by concepts pertaining to conduction, convection and radiation. Recipe for an Ecosphere using terms related to air, water, life and land are hidden in this word search. To select a word, use the mouse to drag the cursor across the word. Unscramble the Clouds by moving the puzzle pieces around to form a picture. The name of the cloud appears when the puzzle is correctly constructed. Information on each type of cloud is given.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute is a biomedical research facility interested in providing children with online biology activities. Plant-Parts Salad is played by matching a picture with the correct description of words like leaf, root, flower, stem and fruit. Classifying Critters requires children to decide which picture goes with the picture shown. For example, if a picture of a dog appears along with four choices (owl, lizard, turtle and cat), cat is the answer. Both dogs and cats are mammals.

At Animal Planet, games are located under the subheading ‘cool interactive’. Journey to Namib and learn about life in the Namib Desert by dragging one of the displayed creatures into the circle. Click on body parts for additional information. Track an Elephant herd as they move through Mali. Track the herd via a GPS collar. After answering several questions about elephants, get a closer look at the herd’s progression on the map.

KidsHealth is a family friendly website with a special section just for kids. Mission Nutrition is a virtual kitchen for the picture that best answers the question. Additional information or a follow up question will appear. Spelling Bee Game is played by typing out the correct spelling of the word pronounced. Time for Bed?

Who needs more sleep? Answer sleep-related questions and get further explanations about who needs how much sleep and why.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s page for kids offers games on topics for different age groups. Air Quality color codes days based on the quality of the air. Learn how easy or difficult it is for some people to breathe. Green is good, purple bad with colors in between. Identify Laboratory Devices by selecting the picture that best answers the question. If answered correctly, the name of the device appears along with a description. Interactive Water Cycle illustrates the water cycle is displayed. Click on R for rain, W for water storage, V for vapor and C for clouds. The computer talks about the cycle at each stage. What’s Wrong with this Picture? Click on the item in the picture that is bad for the environment and learn why.

BBC has online science games about animals, prehistoric life, human body  amp; mind and space. Mac users need to download Firefox to play games. Senses Challenge by answering each question presented using one or more of the five senses. Survival Zone is the place to learn how to differentiate between friendly and dangerous animal behaviors in the wild. Skeleton Jigsaw shows a shadow of an animal. Click and drag bones into place. Interactive Body has six categories – organs, muscles, skeleton, senses, nervous system and puberty. Solar System Jigsaw falls into place when using the mouse to correctly place the planets in order.

Online science games help children learn because skills needed to understand science concepts are addressed. Children read, listen, move, observe, make decisions and recognize patterns. Children learn by doing and what better way than to entice them with something familiar to many youngsters today – technology.

Review: Celebrity Inspired Designer Handbags For Summer 2008

A new season means new styles of handbags from casual to dressy. The best place to see what handbags are really hot is to check out what the celebrities are carrying.

While many of us love those trendy purses that the celebrities carry, most of us can’t afford the hundreds and even thousands of dollars they cost! The best way to have the style without the high price tag is with celebrity and designer inspired handbags. For nice review about hand bags and celeb purses you can click here. You get a lot of reviews for several designer products as well.

Coach handbags have been a long time favorite and this season won’t be any different! If you love the Coach style, handbagsworld.com has a gorgeous little pink buckle handbag priced at just $32.

The pink inspired Buckle Handbag is done in several shades of pink with white trim. The buckle emblem sets off the closure and the adjustable strap makes it comfortable for anyone. It measures at just 12.5″ long and is only 7.5″ tall, it’s a great size to hold all of your essentials!

They also have a great Fiore celebrity inspired handbag that comes in five different colors. The faux leather handbag sports a big bow adorned with rhinestones and has padded handles. The interior has a zippered pocket and you won’t have to dig for your cell phone with the cell phone pouch!

The color schemes include pink with a black bow, white with a lime green or tangerine bow and there’s two choices of black handbags. Handbag.com has these feminine handbags priced at a low $31!

For a gorgeous Fendi look alike handbag, check out what bagbunch.com has to offer. Their buckle inspired bag has slouchy look with two large buckle accents on the front flap.

The lower part of the straps are silver chains and this spacious handbag is made of soft imitation leather. It’s low cost style priced at under $50 and measures at 16X10.5 with a fully lined interior!

While you’re at the website you might want to check out all of the other designer inspired handbags they carry. Their Christian Dior inspired Dark Red Gaucho handbag is priced at $45 and is a really hot style this year.

The soft faux leather exterior is a beautiful scarlet color and the oversized buckle compliments the saddle bag style. It has lots of compartments and pockets to hold all of your items. Measuring at 9X14 inches, it doubles as a clutch with the removable strap!

They also have a must have celebrity inspired Chloe handbag available in nine colors to match any outfit. Their Primo Limited Costa Bag has the Chloe oversized zipper pulls and is made of synthetic leather. The exterior pockets can hold lots of your items and it’s priced at under $100.

If Gucci is more your style, they have plenty of those to! Their Pink Buckle Tote handbag will match all of your summer colors. The monogram print has with belt like accents down both sides of the front with silver buckles. At just $33 it’s a great addition to your summer accessories.

Handbagsworld.com also carries a variety of Louie Vuitton inspired handbags. Their cherry covered purses have a fresh spring feel and lots of pockets. There’s even a cell phone pocket and a detachable coin purse! At just $31 it’s ripe for spring!

If you like hearts, and who don’t? Their Brighton inspired square handbag will be a favorite. The metallic faux crocodile print comes in several color combinations and is at the very low price of $22!

The handbag features comfortable shoulder straps and a zipper opening for easy access. There’s even hearts at each area where the strap is attached to the purse. The front is adorned with a bow tie with small silver balls at the ends.

Designer inspired handbags are a great inexpensive way to have the look without having to take out a loan! Some replica handbags are of such good quality that you will be the only one that knows it’s a copy!

The 5 Most Badass Female Video Game Characters

The video game industry is known for “playing up” super kickass leading men – Master Chief, Duke Nukem, Kratos, Nathan Drake, etc. – but these five  video game t shirts we can go toe to toe with any male gaming lead.

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Lara Croft, of Tomb Raider fame, is the original badass female gaming character; she’s handy with a gun, doesn’t mind getting dirty [or wet], is educated, and is physically fit – to kick your ass. Anyone that doesn’t bulk at the sight of a charging Tiger is someone that you don’t want to cross – making Lara Croft one chick that you wouldn’t want to have on the opposing side of a bar fight.

Samus Aran (Metroid)

While Lara Croft was the first female character to put a woman’s face in the video game hall of fame, Samus Aran was the first lady of gaming – she just did it with an armored suit on. Considering the fact that I didn’t know that Samus was a women until [I’m ashamed to say] it’s safe to say that Samus Aran could go head to head with any male protagonist in gaming. Samus is an ex-army soldier bounty hunter and seeing how she made a living hunting [and likely killing] men that were trained to kill, Samus has got to be one tough cookie.

Mileena (Mortal Kombat)

There are lots of female characters from fighting games that could have made this list, but there aren’t that many as fitting as Mileena from Mortal Kombat. From a distance Mileena looks some sort of swimsuit bombshell, but once her mask is removed [and all hell breaks loose] Mileena is revealed to be the kickass demon that she was created [by Shan Tsung] to be. Mileena has razor sharp teeth, is an expert in martial arts and the use of her signature weapon, bladed fans, you know that Mileena could probably kill you with anything [Probably? Definitely].

Faith (Mirror’s Edge)

Faith is a message carrying “runner” – which doesn’t look that impressive on paper – but the messages she transports are for a government resistance group and she’s running to bring freedom to the world. Unlock the other “Super-Women” on this list, Faith hardly gets into fight and prefers avoiding direct conflict, but she can more than handle her own in a fight. The way Faith scales building and showcases her stamina puts Lara Croft to shame and what Faith lacks in taking on violence, she more than makes up in substance and determination. With this amazing video game, you have to wear your favorite game t shirts to make the game even more fun.

Ivy Valentine (Soulcalibur)

Known to most [non-gamers] as that sexy white-haired chick from that fighting game, Ivy is one of the leading fighters of the cult-classic Soulcalibur series, and totes possibly the most kickass weapon in the gaming world; a sword/chain whip, known as the Snake Sword. Ivy is one of the most difficult Soulcalibur players to master but she’s also one of the most rewarding as she deals heavy damage, is very versatile, and can switch between using her Snake Sword as a sword or a slicing whip.

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