Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Fortnite Among The Teens

Fortnight is an online video game which was developed by Epic Games and was released into the market in July 2017. Soon it became very popular and thus became one of the highest rated games available on the web. The game was especially popular among the teens and people in their early twenties and was awarded the teen choice award for a choice video game, the game award for the best ongoing game, the game award for best multiplayer game and many other awards in 2018. It is available across Android, play station 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Macintosh and Nintendo switch operating systems thus making the game available for everyone which is a major contributing factor for its ever-increasing popularity. You can download the game from

Why fortnite became popular among the teens

There are a couple of reasons why fortnite became especially popular among teens in comparison to other similar games.

  • Fortnite was free when it was launched thus inviting the teen population towards it.
  • Fortnite has cartoon characters to represent the playing situation. These kinds of animation work were another major attraction behind the popularity of the game.

  • Unlike many other online games fortnite is easier to play but still, it requires a lot of time to master this game. This kept the teens hooked on to the game. Since it was easier to play the teens preferred this game over some others available online.
  • The game has a lot of tricks hidden which makes it quite interesting to explore besides the regular building and shooting part of the game.

Overall fortnite is quite an interesting game to play and has kept the teens hooked onto it for quite a long period of time as compared to other online games.