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Mike Tyson Net Worth

Mike Tyson is well-known former American heavyweight fighter. The famous heavyweight fighter was celebrated for the manner in which he knocked out his competitors in the ring. In fact, he is a celebrity of his own kind. The boxer has won a heavyweight competition on an international level.

Mike Tyson while at the pinnacle of his boxing career earned around 300 million dollars. However, due to his horrific lifestyle, much of this wealth was squandered. Currently, the celebrity net worth is mere $1 Million. This is unbelievable compared to what the boxer used to generate from fights he had won.

Mike Tyson’s life

Mike Tyson was born in the year 1966. The famous boxer was raised in dangerous zones and as a result, he was always involved in numerous offenses. While only thirteen years old Mike was referred to as a criminal. The young talented boxer was saved from the harsh life when he joined Tryon School. While at Tryon Tyson’s it was found out that Mike had a boxing gift.


Once his boxing talent was identified, he began training. He began boxing training under Bobby Stewart. The later was a former fighter and a counsel at a detention center called Juvenile. Once Bobby met with mike he straight away recognized his boxing skills. Cus dAmato loved his skills and became his chief boxing trainer.

Mike and Cus dAmato became close friends and the young boxer’s mother died his trainer adopted him and became his legal guardian. He took responsibility to raise the boxer from the age of 16 years.

Well, much has been said and documented about Mike Tyson. Interestingly, Mike Tyson for much of his life has found himself in controversy. For instance, he was accused of raping and during a fight with Evander Holyfield; Mike Tyson bit his ear off.

Bottom Line

Mike Tyson has earned a lot of money from his boxing career but wasted much if it through his awful living. Currently, the celebrity net worth is $1Million.

Lotto Dominator Is Beneficial

Do you want any software which helps in lottery prediction? If you are searching for any source by which prediction of the lottery number becomes easy with surety then lotto dominator helps you in this thing. The lotto dominator is a kind of e-book and you can easily get the services from this book with the help of internet. The lotto dominator reviews are available for the satisfaction of the new users. Nowadays many people addict to spend their money on the various forms of the gambling and lottery is one of them.

How to purchase lottery from online sources?

There are a lot of people spend the huge amount of money on the lottery in a day. The lottery is not limited to any specific region; people love to bet their money on the lottery all over the world. Now the lottery is preferred as the second source of earning in the life of human being and people spend their money on the lottery due to its high rate of reward money. You can easily purchase the lottery from the online sources and process of this is:

  • Visit the official website of the online company which runs a lottery system.
  • Take knowledge about the online lottery system and check the legal information about the situation of the country.
  • Pay a fee to the online company and this fee is named as the subscription fee.
  • Choose the lottery numbers for your lottery ticket.
  • Now you should pay the amount which you want to bet on the lottery ticket.
  • After all these things a confirmation notification is given by the online company.

These are the simple process of betting money on the lottery tickets with the help of the online sources. When you complete all these steps after that you should wait for the day on which the luck number is revealed by the company.

From Rags to Richest Hollywood Celebrity

We have been inspired by the fame and fortune of numerous Hollywood celebrities. But what’s more inspiring is their story of rags to riches, knowing that they were once people like us who just happen to dream big in order to achieve it earns higher respect from the crowd. And just which famous celebrity has gone through and overcame the challenges. Well according to a news and list websites like, that would be the famous actor Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is known as a Hollywood A-lister, swarmed by fans anywhere he goes and has popularity as high as his pay check. It can be difficult to imagine that his life was far from luxurious in the beginning. Cruise’s parents made a good living, his father an electrical engineer and his mother was a teacher; both professions had good pay. Unfortunately his mother left them when he was 11 while his father passed away shortly after. Taking a risk, he borrowed $800 from his stepfather and moved to New York City where he started at the bottom of the showbiz ranking.

Cruise’s major break came from his role in the movie Risky Business which showed in the cinemas back in 1983; the film earned 63 million dollars and his paycheck swelled up to $75,000. From then on, his fame continued to rise thus making him one of the most successful actors on Hollywood. Of course he has starred in numerous successful films since then like “Top Gun”, “The Rain Man” and his most financially successful film franchise ‘Mission: Impossible.” Cruise helped produce the first installment in the film franchise which earned him about 70 million dollars; not only that but he managed to negotiate a percentage of the box office receipts. The Mission: Impossible franchise earned him over 2.7 billion dollars.

Making An Impact On Social Media

Most people just want to have their own fifteen seconds of fame. Being famous on social media is a common goal for young and older people alike. But being famous for the sake of it is a relatively empty objective. Besides, why stop at being famous when one can make a money out of it?

In this regard, picking the right social media platforms is important. It’s a waste of time to invest time on social media networks that are irrelevant to the target audience. But most of the time, social media that can provide a consistent update of content is a great option. Musically, for one, is a perfect example.

Being Musically famous is not an easy feat, even though quite a handful of people may have made it look that way. Providing amazing content on the site looks so easy because of how famous people on the social media network seem to be having so much fun. But the truth is that it takes so much work to get things done to make it deserving of the attention.

Some of the newcomers in the scene take an unconventional approach to social media fame. Instead of spending more time in creating content with substance on a regular basis, they spend their time hogging other social media outlets to gain more followers.

There is nothing wrong with doing this. In fact, it’s perfectly fine to use programs available on the Internet to get more likes and followings. All it really is on the core is exposure.

But asking for likes and followings shouldn’t merit so much time that the owner of the social media account neglects the essence of sites like Musically, which is to provide content that followers are looking for – which is the very reason why they clicked the follow button in the first place.

Choose The Best Photographer Among The Famous Photographers Canada

Canada is a wonderful place for both locals and tourists. It is an ideal place for those who want to create unforgettable moments that really catch the heart of everybody. What makes it more interesting is the fact that it is surrounded by a lot of professional photographers who can even capture moments in your special occasions like wedding. As you go searching, you will meet famous photographers Canada who will do everything to get your business. If that’s the case, then you should know what you are getting by considering some important points.


You know that your decisions are right when you make a wise decision and practical choice of the photographer in Canada for the most special event of your life. The best step to take is to go online and read different reviews from various blogs and sites of the most popular photographers in the country. This will help you a lot make an informed decision about a particular wedding photographer and prevent yourself from regretting in the end.


If you are on a budget, you will surely check the price rate of a photographer first before anything else. Well, this is just fine since pricing is really important. Make sure that the rates offered for every photo package is worthy of the quality of the service. The best photographers in Canada usually offer special promos and discounts, so you have the chance to save money from hiring the famous photographers Canada.

Final Thoughts

Aside from pricing and reading reviews, other factors that you should not forget in finding your wedding photographer are quality of service, responsibility and professionalism, customer service and years of experience. Please do not forget to spend some of your precious time in preparing for the details of what you want for your big day.

Juicy Updates And More Right Here

Every piece of information about a star is always interesting and if it’s a Hollywood star then it’s even more interesting because most Hollywood stars are famous worldwide. If you are eager to see information more than just the celebrity net worth wiki is not the place for you to be. While there are a number of websites that end up providing you with information about celebs, this is the best place for you to come to not only because it gives you all the information you’re looking for, but also because it ensures that the information you read is validated and there are no rumors you will find.

The best part about this website is that you can also learn some of the most guarded secrets about the stars and this is information you otherwise will not find anywhere on the internet. If you are eager to read things about a star and you want to make sure the information is correct, visit this site.

Hollywood celebs are often hounded by photographers and autograph seekers wherever they go. This is because they have fans all across the world. These celebs would do anything to maintain the privacy in their lives. It is only for this reason that a number of celebs shut their private lives to the outside world. If you want updates about this celeb, then you need to visit this website. This website is capable of providing the latest updates and pictures of all celebs irrespective of how well guarded their private life is. This helps fans to get an insight in their lives and it also helps them to relate to their favorite celebs. Some fans even love to see what their stars are wearing so that they can imitate their style.

Make the Most out of Your Wedding DJ

Having a DJ in your wedding would surely be a very good thing as this not only lights up everyone’s mood, but it also makes your wedding day more memorable. Here are some of the things that you should remember if you are considering to hire a דיג’יי לחתונה.

Total Control

The first thing that you should consider is to ensure that you are the one in charge and in control of the situation. Having independent judgement or rogue decisions is not tolerated. It would surely be a bad thing if you hear a song that was not included in your personal playlist. You need to put down ground rules. You should always be confident that you are the one in charge, because after all, it’s your wedding day.


The second thing that you should consider is to give specific details about your playlist. If youa re not presented with a list of suggested songs, you can always do it yourself. Also try to  put down different categories. Also see to it that you also have your “Do not Play” list. This is the list of songs that you don’t want to include in your wedding day’s playlist. You don’t have control over what your friends or invited guests might request to the DJ. With this, you’re making sure that you will have no problems in the wedding.


The most important thing that you should consider is to always prepare your playlist as early as possible. It would be a lot better if you prepare your playlist way earlier so that your DJ can organize things, and prepare for the arrangement and sequence of the songs that are to be played.

With all of these being said, it is really very important for you to really prepare ahead of time for your wedding day. It’s all about preparation and making sure that all is well.