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How Do We Choose An Open Source CMS?

Now, coming to business let me list down some important points that can help you decide the perfect open source CMS for your website:

Functionality To The Core

Toronto web design company suggests that many of the counterparts and people around me think of CMS as a tool that can assist them in creating, editing, deleting and to some extent organizing web pages as per will. Considering all Content management systems can do this, the core functionality aspect is purely taken for granted by them! Well, it’s high time you wake up because such sheer functionality, that too in an instinctual manner is not guaranteed. If you don’t believe me then you are free to browse for blogs that categorize posts based on dates and categories automatically, instead of allowing the owner to manage his posts himself. To some this type of functionality can be simple and effective but to some avid bloggers such functionality is another reason to get frustrated.

The ‘Editor’ Within

‘Editor’ is like a window through which a content on the website is amended or edited however, I feel that Editors are also one of the most ill-conceived features within a content management system. Majority of the open source CMS we have today have a WYSIWYG editor, which allows to format content using basic features like font, color etc. However, with time people have moved on to better practices that has assisted in saving both the quality of the website design and content.

There were two major issues with WYSIWYG editor and the first one was about offering too much power or liberty to the content provider to alter the design as per his will. Repeated changes to the appearance of the web page resulted in undermining of the web page design and brand consistency.

However, modern editors allow users to decide on marking-up elements like headings, links, lists etc. without deciding on how should they appear on their web page. Go for a similar editor or any other CMS solution that does not offer the user the liberty to decide the appearance of the web page.

What Is The Best WordPress Theme From Elegant Themes

In this article we are going to list out some of the basic features which you will get in any elegant theme. The main aim is to give you the idea about this framework features.

Every wordpress theme will have all the basic features like author box, alternate blog layouts, and unlimited color schemes. But some of the themes will have additional feature which other themes doesn’t have, whilst you need to install more plugins if you ever need those styles at your blog. What if we told you that you can get all those features in a single theme from elegant themes?

This is a new theme from elegant themes called Boutique. As it names, this themes was made for online shop or e-commerce or people that have various product to sale, or for boutique owner and this is the best wordpress themes 2017.

Basic Features:

Unlimited Color Schemes

This theme comes with several background textures giving you an unlimited number of possibilities to change any color you want. You can also change font color as well.

User and Author Ratings

Boutique allows both authors and consumers to rate each product in your collection, giving your visitors a great way to interact with your website and each other.

Dozens of Fonts

After installing the theme you will be able to change the theme fonts as you like. You can also install any custom font by importing it to the theme dashboard.

Alternate Blog Layout

As we all know, depending upon the blog niche we need to change the blog layout like shopping site will have different layout and business site will have different style or layout.

Simple Paypal Shopping cart

Boutique has been built to insure compatibility with the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin. Click here to visit Simple PayPal Shopping Cart.


Boutique has been built to insure compatibility with the eShop plugin. Click here to visit eShop.

Apart from the above listed features you will some more add-ons and designs. What do you think about this theme? Enjoy your Boutique Theme

Increase Business With Instagram

If you are a business owner and you are looking to increase your sales on a regular basis then one of the best things to do is to start promoting your business on social media platforms. A lot of business owners just focus on creating websites for the business however they forget to promote these businesses online and if you have a website which is not promoted it is as good as not having a website at all. It is very important for you to have a strong online presence if you want to succeed in today’s world and it is for this reason that you should try and promote your business online as effectively as possible. In order for you to promote your business there is nothing that is better than social media promotion and among all the social media platforms Instagram happens to the one of the most trending platforms these days. No matter how busy people are they often find time to visit their Instagram account at least once a day and this means that the exposure you get on Instagram is maximum. The best way to ensure that you increase your sales is to comprare like instagram.Not only will you end up getting more followers on Instagram but the followers that come on your Instagram page are actually the people who are interested in the services that you have to offer which means that they are potential customers.

Instead of randomly getting people to follow you on your Instagram page it is always better to have people who are interested in your services because it is these people who will bring in the money at the end of the day. Also when someone who is interested in your services visits your website they will stay on your website longer and this will help you with the SEO of your site as well.

Find The Right Platform For Business Growth

There are a number of different reasons why it is always a good idea to have the right SEO professionals for your business and if you are wondering how you can get maximum exposure and how you can increase your business then it is time for you to look for the right Singapore SEO service professionals that you will find. In case you’re wondering how an SEO expert can benefit your business then you need to understand that an SEP expert not only helps you to get the right kind of exposure but also helps to increase your business in terms of brand name and also helps to get you more clients.

While there were various methods of promotion back in the day that involved newspaper advertisements or pamphlet distribution these days advertisement is online and everybody looks over the Internet for various solutions which means not having an online presence is not going to benefit your business in any way and you will end up losing out on a lot of potential customers. When you create a strong online presence people start to visit your website automatically and this becomes a regular way for you to get more business. This helps you to climb up the search engines which mean that each time someday looks for solutions of product that you have to offer your business will pop up for ahead of the competition.

However in order for that to happen, you need to hire professionals who will work towards building a strong platform for your business. Apart from helping you come up on the first page of search engines and getting to the right kind of exposure they also expose your business to people who are interested in it which means that your sales will also automatically increase in the process.