The Expense You Pay For A Divorce Attorney

Divorces are not easy to handle for either of the partners. A lot of emotions and custody disputes also come along with it. The emotional turbulence does not let you think straight and you get entangled into the web of divorce. Physically and mentally you already find yourself drained, but have you noticed that you draining yourself financially also? You are prepared for a divorce, but are you prepared to hire a divorce attorney for yourself, yet?

Divorce attorneys are divorce lawyers who have a 4-year bachelors degree with a 3-year law degree, certifications come thereafter.

How Does Your Divorce Attorney Get Paid?

You pay your divorce attorney for the time you spend with them. This counts every meeting with him, every text message and every email, however small that might be. They charge you in terms of hours also instead of a fixed price. As neither the attorney nor the partners know as to when the case ends, it is difficult for them to charge their fees at once.

Some clients use their attorneys as psychologists instead of a lawyer. They try to discuss emotional questions and try getting therapy. This is one of the reasons why the lawyers tend to charge more, as it is not their job. The divorce might get resolved in a week or may get dragged for a few years. This prediction is difficult; hence the cost prediction is also difficult for a divorce case.

What Do Attorneys Charge for?

  • Every single communication by phone/text/email from quick calls to emails
  • Communication with your spouse’s attorney

  • Document review and research
  • Drafting settlement agreements
  • Preparing for hearings and trials
  • Post-trial follow-up work

In law firms Harrisburg pa, the cost of divorce attorneys is expensive ranging from $200 just for a single consultation to $20,000 for a child custody matter.

It is advisable to ask questions and communicate with the lawyer openly about fees with a legal approach.