Is it safe to give CBD oil to pets?

CBD oil has proven to be immensely beneficial for humans. But is it safe for pets? Well, many pet parents have this one common question. In one word, the answer is “yes”. In fact, many CBD oil manufacturers craft CBD tinctures especially for pets. You will also find cbd capsules and gummies for pets.

CBD oil won’t make your pet high

No, CBD ingestion won’t create the euphoric high that is so common with marijuana. Although CBD is sourced from the same plant (cannabis) from where marijuana is sourced yet these two are different. Marijuana consumption leaves one high because it contains THC. But, CBD oil carries a very minor percentage of THC and hence it won’t make your pet high.

Benefits of CBD oil for pets

CBD oil a bunch of health benefits for pets.

Alleviates stiffness and pain in joints

Almost all dogs tend to suffer from stiffness and pain in joints, especially in the aging years. The problem can start with mild discomfort yet later on graduates to acute pain. It can almost make your pet immobile. CBD oil has shown to offer great results in alleviating stiffness and pain in joints of pets. The oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties which soothe the painful joints which reduces the pain by great extent.

Relief from other painful conditions

Added to arthritis, CBD oil can provide relief from other painful conditions as well. Once consumed, the oil targets the various endocannabinoid receptors across the body. This way, it helps to reduce abnormal inflammation as well as nerve-related pain in any part of the body. The oil is especially great for the acute abdominal pain that occurs due to pancreatitis.

Good for GI problems

Does your dog often suffer from digestive issues like bloating, diarrhea or gas? CBD oil will work wonders to heal all these woes for your beloved pet.