4 Easy StepsFor Dog Litter Box Training

Litter training a dog might sound odd, but it is very convenient for both you and your pet. You need to get the right litter box and make him familiarize with the box first and then teach him to use it. This might be difficult as your dog is not habitual of using the litter box, but training him to use it is the best option.

Let us know how to train a dog to use a litter box in some easy steps:-

  • Buy a litter box or a big plastic tub

You need to buy a litter box according to the size of your dog. Your dog must be able to turn around inside it. Firstly, place him inside the box and wait for him to come outside. As he isn’t familiar, he will come out, you need to command him to stay and potty. Also, start using dog weewee pads to make your dog pee to make your life easier.

  • Get litter for the box

Dog litter is absorbent, and it will work best. Litter ranges from clay to charcoal to control the odor. To control the odor, you can sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the box.

  • Buy a scoop and a trashcan

Every time the dog eliminates in the box; you need to remove it. It is better to buy a scoop to pick up and a trashcan to put the eliminate inside it.

  • Place box in an accessible place

Place the box at the place when your dog spends most of his time but in a way that you are not watching him. Do not place the box where your dog eats, as he will eliminate there.

You need to train a dog to eliminate in the litter box, and for training, you can follow the easy and simple steps mentioned above.