Spend Free Time By Making Fun With Treasure At Tampines

Finding a good place for home is not necessary. The individuals are also required to focus on some basic things such as – sources of entertainment. Availability of these types of sources can help you in spending a great time with kids and provide them with a perfect source of making fun.

If we talk about the Treasure At Tampines, then you can find some better options for making fund and spending free time easily. Mainly these sources are available in the form of parks and water bodies. Due to these things, many individuals are getting attracted toward the condo plan and its units.

Know more

There are several other factors available that can help you in making lots of things easier. Here, most of the individuals are asking how much distance they need to cover for reaching these types of specific places. The maximum distance which should be covered by the individuals for reaching the parks is 400 meters.

With it, there are some park connectors available that can help you in saving the time. All types of parks are designed in an effective manner and by adding lots of beneficial things. In all parks, you can see lots of greenery with it the individuals can get mental relaxation by visiting the types of places. It becomes possible with the help of the availability of natural things or elements.

Conclusive details

There are several other reasons available by which you can get why you should choose the Treasure At Tampines. In case you want to get lots of interesting factors related to the projects and its associated things then you should visit its official website. On the website, you can check out every single detail and know about the types of units you can buy.

Jadescape – Key Facilities Available Near Location

Everyone is trying to find out the place for a home form where all types of utilities can be easily accessible. If you are searching for such a kind of place, then you cannot ignore the option of JadeScape. The project is designed by adding different types of residential units of various sizes and structures.

It depends on the buyers’ choice and requirement that which kind of plan or structure is perfect for them. If we talk about the necessary services, then you can see things in the plan such as – some important sources are near. In the following paragraphs, I’m going to mention some.


Education is playing an important role in our life. All parents want to provide better education to their children. With it, they are also trying to find out a good school near the home. If the school is near then, they do not need to worry about the child’s security or protection. They can easily drop their children to the school and pick them back. There are some famous institutions available near JadeScape condo plan. These institutions are –

  • Raffles Institution Secondary School
  • Raffles Institution Junior College
  • Catholic High School
  • Whitley Secondary School


Mainly the way of malls is considered by individuals for different purposes. These purposes are related to the daily requirements. The mall includes various markets, fun providing elements and other factors. Near this particular plan location, there some malls available such as –

  • Shunfu Mart Food Centre
  • Junction & Shopping Centre
  • Thomson Plaza

All these things are making the JadeScape plan a better option for the individuals those are going to invest funds for getting own home. Visit the official website and choose the option for VVIP subscription for availing some specific benefits.