Top Words with Friends Tips from an Experienced Loser

Even as a professional wordsmith, I lose in Words With Friends a lot to some highly strategic friends of mine who I swear are making up words. These strategic Words With Friends Tips are tricks I’ve seen done to me that make me want to reach through my phone. However, two of those friends are lawyers. Instead of reacting violently, I just use them on the next unsuspecting opponents.

Defense Wins Games. My friends have sacrificed high scoring opportunities and instead occupied tiles where I could have made a sizeable comeback. An opponent can come back really quickly if high scoring letters are still out there and there is plenty of tile space to work with. I’ll do all I can to put the most difficult letter combinations those spaces. Another defensive trick that’s been pulled on me is to spell long, low scoring words to occupy space instead of holding out for a high scoring opportunity.

Letter Distribution. While I haven’t seen an official letter distribution chart for Words With Friends, I used to think it was the same distribution as Scrabble. There is only one Z, one Q, one X and so forth. However, there are actually five S’s instead of four and 13 E’s instead of 12. When the score is close and the letter count is in the twenties, knowing what’s left becomes critical game strategy. That’s when you should start assuming that your opponent will get the best available letters left. For example, if there’s an empty triple letter spot next to an O or an A and the X hasn’t been played yet, it’s better to fill it up for cheap points then to take the chance that your opponent will get the X. This game is similar to situs judi online terpercaya in a sense that it exudes challenges and great features.

Dump The Q. I’ve made this mistake many times over. When you get the Q, dump it as soon as possible. It’s rarely worth trying to keep and hope that you can place it on a Triple Word Score block. Most people try to keep the Q in hopes for one of four Us. But by doing that you will always prevent the possibility of scoring a Words With Friends Bingo since you are keeping that Q. That’s also one less better tile you could get for every subsequent turn. Instead, play it quickly on an open “I” for “QI” or “QIS”. Also consider words like “QAT”. And if the rest of your Words With Friends letters aren’t too good and there are plenty of tiles left, exchange it.

Empty The Rack. If you see a board full of open vowels and not many big letters have been played, exchange your rack or start spelling long words to get them, even if it means you’ll score low points or lose a turn. It’s likely that your opponent doesn’t have them. With lots of vowels on the board and empty spaces around them, you can build your points quickly with a well-placed J or X next to an O and so forth. I once had an opponent place the letter X on a Triple Letter Score spot to score 56 points against me with one tile.

Here Are The Eight Tips For Esports Marketing First-Timers

Esports also stand for electronic a sport is a type of competition sports using the video games. It is played as a multiplayer game between professional sports players or individuals. By the year 2010 Esports was a major and significant part of the sports industry recognised and player by most of the people all over. If you are indulging in Esports marketing for the first time then certain tips needs to be followed as always related to the strategies that might keep you ahead of all. Be it the wf or other stuffs you need to be creative in marketing your Esports products.

Tips for marketing

  • Out of the box thinking

Think creatively beyond as a gamer who is usually involved in gaming and is expert in the field, brands might not be easily convincing to the person. But there are opportunities for other streamers however as per the experts that you can try.

  • Learn

You can learn from the traditional sports some few years back where there was no prediction like things on leagues. But prolonged watching of these traditional sports has made people familiar with concept of same. The same comes in case of the Esports partnership where the idea of Esports marketing is very important.

  • Seek for influencers

Start identifying new people with other higher brands and try marketing your products to them.

  • Encourage more diversity

Gaming environment and gaming content need not be masculine or too hyper as per notion of the people. You must be confident about brand and ensure that it brings the people the joy and entertainment they deserve for the money being paid.

  • Data

You must analyse on the market and its products on Esports. Learn what your brand can provide to people so that they accept your marketing.

Sum up

With the above tips you can be great in marketing your Esports products so that people deserve it in return of the money and time they invest in your content.